Jake Khoussine

I'm Jake Khoussine, the founder and manager of Madrasa. As a first-generation, underrepresented student, I understand the challenges of navigating medical school and MD/PhD admissions. Currently in my 5th year of physician-scientist training, my goal is to share the lessons I've learned and simplify the path for others.

If you book a consultation with Madrasa, I will meet with you personally to explain your chances of admission and provide you with detailed recommendations for how to increase your likelihood of success. I will work together with you to bring you that success.

Overall, our team is made up of medical and MD/PhD students as well as physicians and physician-scientists. We seek quality advisors who have demonstrated excellent coaching skills and a record of success. 

Josh Bradin is our lead MCAT tutor. He scored in the 99th percentile on the MCAT and has helped students increase their score by 12 points on average. We developed a 16-week MCAT preparation plan that provides you with the best resources and personalized tutoring to help you reach your goal score.

We are confident that you will find all our advisors personable and services exceptional. Our track record helping students succeed supports that claim. We specialize in MD/PhD preparation, and our team and network is capable of supporting your needs for medical and graduate school admissions.

Let us guide you so that you can stress less and focus more on making your dreams come true. Welcome to Madrasa.